We frequently receive positive feedback regarding LIFE REFINED. It does its job well by keeping us top-of-mind with relationships and generating new client responses. It has been a great experience working with Triple R Media.
— NFP P&C Private Client Group

For private client and luxury professionals that believe in nurturing and communicating the value of important relationships

What We Do

We serve well-respected wealth and luxury professionals.  Cultivating relationships is very important to their business.  Positive top-of-mind awareness, client retention, and word-of-mouth referrals fuel their business.  This is our purpose.

Distinctively communicate your appreciation and interest to foster relationships and subtly generate more high-value business.

LIFE REFINED capitalizes on the affinity people have for lifestyle and leisure content, and the allure of a distinctive and unique publication.  LIFE REFINED becomes your own private label lifestyle magazine printed and sent each quarter to your select relationships as a special exclusive gift.

  • Designed for high-net-worth audiences
  • Personalized communications and marketing; customizable to one-to-one level
  • 100% share of voice; no third-party ads
  • Exclusive use and privacy with relationships

LIFE REFINED is not "magazine advertising"; it is bespoke communications and lifestyle content marketing.

Built for wealth and luxury professionals.

Why It Works

Touchpoint that differentiates, naturally attracts attention, and starts conversations about you and your business that would otherwise never happen.

  • Unique and distinctive
  • Constant presence in home or office
  • High-exposure (e.g. coffee table)
  • Personally relevant and interesting content
  • Easily shared with others

LIFE REFINED tactfully and skillfully puts you on display with your most valuable audiences: clients, prospects and COIs, and their relationships.

You receive 100% share of voice and customization:

  • Front outside cover
  • Front inside cover
  • Back inside cover
  • Back outside cover
  • Include supplemental material (e.g. newsletter, article, special greetings).

Very effective, great ROI, and easy to use.

Use PREVIEW NOW to see customization guide, review full digital issues with customer examples, and request complimentary hard copy.

Stunning production and imagery, great content, and you!

Stunning production and imagery, great content, and you!