We frequently receive positive feedback regarding LIFE REFINED. It does its job well by keeping us top-of-mind with relationships and generating new client responses. It has been a great experience working with TRM.
— NFP P&C Private Client Group

For private client and luxury professionals that believe in nurturing and communicating the value of important relationships

What We Do

We serve wealth and luxury professionals; their businesses are predominately relationship and referral based.  Positive top-of-mind awareness, relationship retention and word-of-mouth influence are key business drivers. 

Foster relationships and passively cultivate quality referrals using an elegant, thoughtful touchpoint.

We combine the attraction and associative power of lifestyle content with the resonance of personalization to engage relationships and tastefully promote your brand.  LIFE REFINED becomes your own private label luxury magazine mailed quarterly as an exclusive, personalized gift to your chosen relationships.

  • Designed for high-net-worth audiences
  • Bespoke marketing communications
  • 100% share of voice ... no ads, only you
  • Exclusive use and privacy with relationships
  • Compliance friendly

LIFE REFINED is specifically designed for wealth and luxury professionals and their relationships. 

Why It Works

A personalized touchpoint that engages, differentiates, naturally attracts attention, and starts conversations about you and your business.

  • Distinctive, unique and exclusive
  • 24/7/365 presence in home, office ...
  • High-exposure (coffee table, lobby ...)
  • Easily and eagerly shared with others

LIFE REFINED tactfully puts you on display with your valued relationships and referral sources: clients, prospects and centers-of-influence.

You receive 100% share of voice and customization:

  • Front outside cover
  • Front inside cover
  • Back inside cover
  • Back outside cover
  • Integrate supplemental material (e.g. newsletter, article, special greetings).

Very effective, great ROI, and easy to use.

Use PREVIEW NOW to see customization guide, review full digital issues, or request hard copy.

Stunning production and imagery, great content, and you!

Stunning production and imagery, great content, and you!