A tool for wealth and luxury professionals to nurture and communicate the value of the relationships that are driving their business

It is about relationships

Wealth and luxury businesses thrive on positive top-of-mind awareness and word-of-mouth influence, which fuels repeat business and referrals.

What if there is a tactful solution that excels at both?  And, it costs about as much per relationship as having a cup of coffee with a client.

This is LIFE REFINED magazine; a premium private label lifestyle magazine for an upscale and discerning audience.  We make it yours, then send it as an exclusive gift to your valued relationships.  You receive all the ad space, determine who receives it, and can personalize marketing and communications to each and every individual.  Relationships are protected, as once a recipient is on a mailing list they are exclusive to the sender.

LIFE REFINED systematically keeps you top-of-mind with valued relationships, and makes it easy for them to share you with others

  • Distinctive quarterly touchpoint
  • Personailzed marketing and communications
  • 100% share of voice
  • Exclusive use and rights with relationships
  • Track referrals and engagement

Make a lasting impression

Imagine having an elegant 8.5" x 10.5" business card that valued relationships place in high traffic areas, such as home or office coffee table, and others can't help but to pick it up.  LIFE REFINED serves as a quarterly thank you and reminder, and puts you on display with your target audience.

LIFE REFINED magazine puts you front and center for all who come in contact ... clients and prospects, and their friends; COIs and their clients.

Our passion is producing a beautiful luxury lifestyle print magazine that upscale audiences love, and enables wealth and luxury businesses to generate more repeat business and referrals.  You receive 100% share of voice and customization of:

  • Front outside cover
  • Front inside cover
  • Back inside cover
  • Back outside cover

LIFE REFINED is incredibly effective and easy to use.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Learn more with Preview (right) and FAQ.  We welcome an opportunity to discuss, Contact.

Stunning production quality makes LIFE REFINED an attention magnet; beautiful to sight and touch.

Stunning production quality makes LIFE REFINED an attention magnet; beautiful to sight and touch.

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